Stable is an investment firm focused on building strategic partnerships with top performing investment managers.

With offices in New York and London, Stable has a successful track record of building partnerships designed to fully align the interests of capital owners and capital managers.

This way we capture the over performance that emerging managers typically generate, whilst ensuring an institutional quality business from day one.

Available through commingled and tailored programs, all of our investments reflect Stable’s strong partnership culture, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to long-term value creation.


Specialist focus

Specialist managers target well-defined sources of alpha within a focused investment universe. They tend to outperform on a risk-adjusted basis and generate returns less correlated with the wider market. As a strategic investor, focusing on specialist managers helps mitigate adverse selection and as a result attracts higher quality managers, maximises returns and helps raise long term capital.

Hands-on support

Too many early stage managers fail for non-investment related reasons, or make mistakes which inhibit their ability to perform and raise assets. Stable is “more than just a cheque” to its managers, providing support across operational and investor facing functions which reduces business risk and drives performance.