Benefits to Asset Owners

At Stable we build a future of shared success between Asset Owners and Founders. We address the challenges Asset Owners often face when investing in emerging firms by leveraging five advantages we have built over the last 15 years.

SCALEBuild diversifiedexposure to emerginginvestment firmsOPERATIONSMitigate business riskthrough hands-onoperational support toFoundersOPTIONALITYStrive to structureadvantageous terms toscale into investmentsRESOURCESEmploy proprietaryframeworks, expertiseand networks insourcing, underwriting,structuring, businessbuilding, and monitoringinvestmentsALIGNMENTShare in the income andenterprise value of thefirms we backSCALEBuild diversifiedexposure to emerginginvestment firmsALIGNMENTShare in the incomeand enterprisevalue of the firmswe backRESOURCESEmploy proprietarytechnology, expertiseand networks in sourcing,underwriting, structuring,business building,and monitoringinvestmentsOPERATIONSMitigate business riskthrough hands-onoperational supportto FoundersOPTIONALITYStrive to structureadvantageous terms toscale into investments